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Goodway Hotels & Resort Nusa Dua Bali

Area Information

Goodway Hotels and & Resort offers the best of everything, and that includes the perfect spot. Itís located in Nusa Dua, a peninsula in the south of Bali and a thriving tourist hub. The area is famous for its white-sand beaches. Surfing and diving are great ways to spend the day out on the beach.

The hotelís location is made even more enviable because of its proximity to Benoa Harbor, international airport, numerous Bali tourist spots, and Kutaís trendy strip of shops, restaurants, and bars.

Location Information

The hotel and resort is within proximate distance to several of Bali, Indonesiaís commercial spots and popular places of interest:

Goodway Hotels & Resort

Jalan Dalem Tarukan, No. 7 Ė Taman Mumbul
Nusa Dua - Indonesia